Drop the “S”

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People love that you’re human and that we’re frail and we face the same situations. Honesty tends to communicate with people better than standing up there like you have an ‘S’ on your chest. ~ TobyMac

This quote really resonated with me the other day while looking for my daily quote to put on my personal Facebook page. I scrolled past it several times, but something inside me kept urging me to go back to it. It reminded me of a time when I was having coffee with a friend. She was telling me her troubles with her teenaged son. I felt her pain and shared with her how my own son had been involved in the same thing. I’ll never forget her expression. She said, “Your son?” She had a totally different impression of our family. When I was genuine and didn’t pretend I was supermom, the whole atmosphere changed. My friend relaxed and our conversation went deep and was healing.

Someone today needs to take that fake S off their chest and be real. Connect with others on the same level. Share your experiences and how you overcame.

Some of you need to take that fake S off your chests and let others help you. Accepting help isn’t a sign of weakness.

We need each other. We are all woven together in the fabric of humanity. Allow the beautiful pattern to emerge

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