Soon I Will Be Sixty

When I turned fifty I wrote about it being my Year of Jubilee. It was inspired by a Jewish custom and frankly it just sounded great to me. But other than being on the topside of the earth, I couldn’t find anything to mark the sixty decade. Then it came to me. If it were possible, what would my older self tell my younger self?

I’m going to be thinking on that and writing about it as things come to mind. Today’s word of advice to Linda the twenty-something:

Shut up and listen! Not everyone will or even has to agree with you. No knee-jerk reactions, okay? If something someone has said makes you want to argue, don’t. Instead, think about why you are feeling confrontational. Is it because of a value you hold, or because it is one that someone else holds and you’ve adopted it.

Remember: If you feel you must argue, then you, yourself, are not convinced. When you hold a value that is completely your own, it frees you from feeling the need to have others agree with you. You are at peace, being sure of your path.

Confrontational words build walls. Listening builds bridges. A peaceful, reasonable, spirit invites others to conversation.