Time to Disentangle

Most mornings I spend some time reflecting or reading or simply having coffee with my best friend, Jesus. This morning I decided to read and a phrase in the book caught my eye. It was to “disentangle essentials from nonessentials.”

 Wow. What a challenge. It will take me a while to identify the nonessentials, mainly because I’ve told myself they were essential for so long. It is easy for me to identify nonessentials it in others because I’m not tangled up in theirs. Just my own.

It is easy for me to identify the nonessentials tangled up with the essentials in my garden. Just the other day I saw a huge sucker on my blackberry bushes. It was beautiful by the way. The branch was thick and healthy, the leaves were broad and green. But these branches are called “suckers” for a reason. It sucks the strength from the plant. So I yanked—or disentangled—it off the bush.

Nonessentials can appear beautiful while they suck us dry.

Today the challenge of honestly examining my life is before me. It is time to disentangle. How about you. Are there nonessentials you need to disentangle from your life?