Wisdom Words

Today I received an email about the Socrates’ Triple Filter test about how to handle gossip. Before he’d listen to anything he’d filter it through Truth, Goodness, and Usefulness.  After reading it I tried to verify that Socrates truly taught this and found that many philosophers claim authorship. Nonetheless, it is great wisdom and something I will endeavor to practice before I listen and before I speak.

This might get hard, I will probably fail, but eventually I will make this a part of my life! The following are how I am to apply these filters:

Truth: make absolutely sure what I am about to say or hear are the truth.

Goodness: Is it something good about that person?

Useful: Is the information useful to me? Does it make me better? Will it make the person spoken of better? Am I a part of the problem or part of the solution?

What better time to do this than in an election year. I will probably have half a tongue in a few weeks!