A Fresh Look At A New Year

I’ve often compared newborn babies to empty slates because they arrive innocent with only survival instincts, but as they mature they become what we write upon them. Unfortunately, we often write lousy things on these little slates without realizing it. Things like bad words, bad attitudes, anger, prejudices, the list goes on. Those little eyes and ears take in all of the aforementioned things and file it away in their little brains as the proper way to respond or react. Then when they do the things they have seen us do, we are horrified and let them know it.

How confused these little ones must be.

I remember a time when a little one used a cuss word. Her mother was more than annoyed and before she punished her daughter, she asked, “Where did you hear that word.” With innocent eyes, the small girl gazed up and answered, “You, Mommy.”

All too often I say or do things without realizing the consequences. These things are so ingrained in me that I’m often mindless of who hears me and how it affects them. However, when they do the same, I see it and am annoyed with them. How could they say such things? Think such things? Do such things? How could they? How? How?

“But you do it. Say it. Think it . . . Linda.”


To me New Year’s Day is like a clean slate. Before I write on it, I look back over the previous year and evaluate what I wrote on it. I ask myself, “What did I do, think, or say that backfired on me, that caused me sorrow or pain, even worse, caused someone else sorrow or pain? I do this because I don’t want to fill my clean slate up with the same bad scribbling.

This week before New Year’s Day is perfect for reflection. I will take a hard, honest, look at 2013 and determine what things need to be erased from my life. When New Year’s Day 2014 dawns I will be ready to write on my clean slate and hopefully I won’t be ashamed during my week of reflection as I prepare for 2015.

How about you?