“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”- William Cullen Bryant

Autumn truly has a beautiful smile. That is why this is my favorite time of year. The fall season is also a busy one for me. Conferences and speaking engagements keep me on the road. This is a good thing because I love to travel because I get to meet all kinds of great people. Like Mr. T.

No, not the tough-guy Mr. T bedecked with gold chains, but Mr. T in Dallas Texas who has one of the most beautiful, brilliant, smiles I’ve seen. He works at the Parkway Central Embassy Suites. He shuttled us to and from our restaurant and kept us entertained with his sparkling personality.

Speaking of beautiful smiles, Tammy, the Embassy’s Food and Drink Supervisor, was equally as delightful and attentive. And then there was the bartender, Mark, who worked so fast, I would have paid to watch him.

You know, it is the people you meet and interact with, if only for an evening, that enrich life. Not stuff or things. Don’t get me wrong, I like stuff and things, but all of that can be gone in an instant. For me, I’d rather invest my time with people and create memories because those stay with us.

Thank you Mr. T, Tammy, and Mark for being so gracious and adding to my wealth of good memories!


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