When Life Comes Full Circle ~Thoughts on Memorial Day


I know the purpose of Memorial Day is to remember our fallen servicemen and women, but today I can’t stop thinking about my father, Mose Carroll Lowe, who served in the Korean War. He came home safely, thank goodness. And yet he still died too young at age 36.

The reason for my musings is while he fought for the freedom of South Korea, little did he know he was fighting for what would one day be his family.


My son, Rob, married Bea, whose parents were from Korea and who later came to live in the United States. Rob and Bea have blessed me with three precious grandchildren. My daddy’s blood runs in their veins. While my father served there he developed a deep friendship with a Korean soldier, and I know he would have been so proud to be the grandfather of children with a Korean heritage. Dad passed away when I was twelve. He never got to meet them. And yet, he still lives on in them.


Isn’t it beautiful how life comes in full circle?














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