There is an interesting tree in Liss, England. It is hollow in the middle. Much like the one I imagined the Keebler elves live. You can actually go inside it, look up, and see the sky. It is empty, yet it lives. And it doesn’t  just live, it thrives as you can see in the picture.

I think of that tree every time I feel like I’ve failed or not measured up somehow. Sometimes I feel as hollow as that tree, and yet, I can—I must— thrive as it does.

How do I do that?

I have to make a decision. How am I going to use this “failure” experience? Am I going to let chew away at my soul, or am I going to use it as a learning tool? You know, failure can be an excellent tool. Not only can I learn from it but I can use this experience to connect and help others. Just like this tree, I should welcome others to walk inside my experiences and see that it is possible to thrive no matter what happens.

If you’ve failed, I’m so sorry. But now it is time to examine the experience, write down what you’ve learned, and from that vantage point—grow and thrive!


2 thoughts on “Impossible?

  1. Too true! We can either accept our experiences and embrace the messages or we can spend our lives bitter and angry because things didn’t go the way “we” wanted. I’ve chosen the former and never regretted it. (may have been frustrated a few times, but still grateful!) 😉

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