L’Chiam! To Life!


There are days when I am overwhelmed with the sadness and pain in this world. When my family has troubles. When my life gets complicated. There are days I stand at the window and whisper to my Abba Father, “Help,” because it is the only word I have the strength to utter. I’m overwhelmed because I’m so focused on the bad that I cannot recognize joy.

Our brains take us to the place of our focus. If I am in a negative place—complaining about the way things are—it doesn’t take long to darken my mood. Despair blinds me. I muddle through the day missing opportunities because I cannot see them.

This picture of my granddaughter reminds me of the importance to take baby steps to joy. To throw back my head and drink in life’s good things, no matter how small. We have so much to be grateful for. And if we focus on those things, we will find our way out of the darkness.


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