In this age of electronic voices, I fear I’m forgetting to listen to that small voice inside me. Television, radio, internet, and even my car’s GPS all competing for my attention. 

Sound familiar? 

And the thing is, I’m getting so used to it that it really doesn’t bother me any longer. That is until last Friday. While on my way to speak to a group of writers, I took a short cut to HWY 16,. Although I had taken this route before, I wasn’t really familiar it so I turned on my GPS. Things were going along fine until Savanah (yes, I named my GPS) told me to turn right on County Road 8. A dirt road?  Hmmmmm. That didn’t seem right. My inner voice said, “Don’t turn here.” But hey, my GPS told me to and it never lies, right? So I dutifully turned. 

For twenty miles I turned right then left then right again down roads worse than any rural Honduran road I’ve ever traveled. All the way my little voice said “Turn around! This isn’t right!” But I was committed. Besides, my GPS promised that HWY 16 was just ahead. Then on what was to be my last turn the road ran into a lake. 

All the way back to the paved road, I mentally kicked myself for not listening to my inner voice. I realized how I had been ignoring it in other ways too. Like, “Do you really need to post that on Facebook? Turn off the television and write. Don’t argue, just let it go.” I knew this had to change. 

So what am I doing to accomplish this? I have turned off the electronic noise and dedicated time to silence, solitude, and meditation.  It is time to reconnect with me. 

How about you? 


7 thoughts on “THAT STILL, SMALL VOICE

  1. Oh, Linda, I love the still, small voice! As a girl, Daddy always told me to listen and obey the still, small voice that comes (sometimes) loud as thunder. The still, small voice saved me from drowning and I’m sure many more times than what I know of. Every time I ignore it, I pay for it. Thanks for this post. It really hit home. It was a message from dear, ol’ dad delievered through a blessed friend and sister.

  2. Important post, Linda. Thank you. I read this quote yesterday: “I have discovered that all of man’s unhappiness derives from only one source, not being able to sit quietly in a room.” Blaise Pascal

  3. Hi Linda, I’ve always been an advocate of listening to that voice we all have inside us, but often choose to ignore. Thanks for remind us to get in touch with it. Especially writers need to listen closely.

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