Look Above the Rail


View Above the Rail

” Where you set your focus is where you will go.” ~ Linda Apple

There are so many little irritations in life. They are like tiny mice nibbling away at something precious, doing a lot of damage. That is what happened to me while vacationing in Gatlinburg.

There I was surrounded by the kind of beauty where my mouth dropped open but the words just wouldn’t come. But when we walked into our room at the Hampton Inn and found the balcony wasn’t overlooking the beautiful creek that ran beside the hotel, it almost ruined my day.

This may seem like a small thing to most people, but my favorite room anywhere is a patio or balcony. I’m an outdoors kinda gal. So instead of gazing at a bubbling brook, I had this lovely view of a trashy parking garage and lot. 

My husband encouraged me to join him on the balcony that evening. Reluctantly, I sat beside him and glared at the ugly view below. Then he pointed to the sky and said, “Look up there instead. I lifted my gaze above the top rail and the beauty   mesmerized me.

Every evening we sat on our little balcony and I fixed my gaze above the rail. While            enjoying glories above me, I thought about how often I focus on the life’s little irritations instead on all the things I have to be grateful for. Too often I let the little mice of vexation nibble away at my joy.

How about you? Are you letting small annoyances nibble away at your joy? For instance, those irritating political posters on Facebook? Funny how they are not so irksome if you agree. Or how about how the slow wait staff  at the restaurant or the internet that crawls like a dying man across the desert? And my favorite, the inconsiderate driver. Children! We get irritated at them for getting their clothes dirty, being too loud, or spilling their drink in public. Then there is the spouse who loses keys, puts the toilet paper roll on backwards, makes you late, leaves the lid up. I’ll stop here. You know what I’m saying, right?

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, I encourage you to LOOK ABOVE THE RAIL. Don’t let irritations nibble away at your day.


8 thoughts on “Look Above the Rail

  1. Oh, how badly I needed your words this morning. Glowering at files that hide what I’m looking for, wondering why someone hasn’t replied to an important email. Then I glanced out the window after reading your blog and saw the beauty of my surroundings. Lovely. Thank you.

  2. This is so true, Linda. I too often let a few irritating details ruin the good of the day. It’s like riding a bike and concentrating so hard on NOT hitting that pothole that you just KNOW you’re going to hit that dang thing. Better to look up and enjoy the scenery. You’ll steer around the pothole without even realizing you’ve done it.

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