My Website has gone to the Clouds

Recently I learned that Mobile me will no longer be hosting iWeb, that everything will be going to iCloud. As a goodwill gesture, they will honor the full year I paid for which means in June I will have to find another host. When I called my website guru and advisor, who also happens to be my son, Rob, he suggested I get a WordPress account and eventually use it as my website. So I’ve decided to give it a go. Not that I dislike the idea of having a traditional website. I’d rather have one, and gladly pay for it. But I DO NOT like having to be at the mercy of a webmaster’s time. I want what I want when I want it as far as changes or additions go. And with iWeb, I could update to my heart’s content. I know all about being at the mercy of a webmaster. I’ve watched friends’ frustrations.

So, here I am. I have a few months to see how this works. Any thoughts out there in cyber-space?


9 thoughts on “My Website has gone to the Clouds

  1. I know nothing! Which is why I let my website go and use only the blog, which by the way is on WordPress. Like you, I didn’t like having to ask someone everytime I wanted something changed on my website, which means I didn’t change much. It didn’t help that my ‘webmaster’ was my son-in-law and didn’t quite get what I was wanting. You might want to check with Deborah Bouziden, I think she has a website with a webmaster, but she’s able to make changes herself. I said, “I think” you should be warned that could be dangerous, me thinking. 🙂 Good luck. I’ll be watching to see what you do. Quilted blessings, Nita

  2. Hi Linda! We met at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference.

    I think that you will really enjoy WordPress! There’s a few things you can’t do, because of security reasons, but for the most part you can make it your website. Good luck, and enjoy playing around with it!

  3. Dear Linda, I am very happy I came across your blog. I loved what you had to say about Love and Forgiveness. I feel, the ability to forgive is a sign of maturity and wisdom. It amazes me how some people, who really love each other, manage to go, in some cases, for years without speaking to each other, or seeing each other. Sometimes, mothers and their kids, or brothers and sisters won’t talk to each other just because they had some kind of banal disagreement between them, and they just can’t let go of it… Well, it may not seem like banal to them, but if they would just put things in perspective… like… we all are going to leave this world some day – this is the only opportunity we get – now and here, while we and people we care about are still alive – to forgive, to mend each others hearts, to ease each others pain… To free ourselves…

    1. Thank you. What you say is so true. I know two brothers who have been estranged so long, they cannot remember the reason, but unforgiveness is now their habit. It hurts their mother so, especially during the holidays. One won’t bring his family is the other is there. So not only does it hurt their mother, it also involves their children. Truly, this sheds light on the phrase, “No man is an island.”

  4. If those two brothers you’ve mentioned, could only open their hearts and minds to a possibility of reconciliation, they might have discovered that they are not even the same people anymore, – that they became wiser and kinder. And they might have liked each other more than ever. It’s just sad, how much experiences, that they could have shared, are now missing. And you are right, Linda – their kids and all the family suffers as the result… I wonder, don’t people feel a void in their life when they separate themselves from very people that God intended for them to love and support? Aren’t they hurting inside not to be in each others lives? And if they do, why won’t they take some steps to mend the situation?

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